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Hi and welcome to Bowenforum Sweden

BFS is a non-profit organization with the aim to spread knowledge about and inspire the growing use of Dr. Murray Bowen’s Family systems theory.

The association was started 2004 by a group of former Swedish students of the Bowen Theory. These were all students of either the Georgetown Family Center in Washington DC or people who had learned more about the theory in various ways in Sweden.

Today we are a network with many engaged persons wanting to share the experience of the usefulness and benefit of this theory.

The theory was sprung out of the works of the American psychiatrist Dr. Murray Bowen in his work in the 1950’s with clients diagnosed with schizophrenia. The theory was developed to a useful tool in order to understand and see the family as a related system in which anything that happens to one family member will affect all other members of the family.

As the theory was further developed and used, it became clear that it also applies to other species, organizations, enterprises and societies. Today the theory is applied in all these diverse areas.

The content of the theory is best understood by reading more from the original theory which you can do on http://thebowencenter.org/ or in Swedish under ”Bowens teori” (tab).

The association’s members and board are geographically spread over Sweden and we convey knowledge by arranging seminars and classes all over the country.

The vision of the association is to spread knowledge about the Bowen theory in society and to work as a strong network for exchange of knowledge and experience.



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