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12 february 2020

Reminder of the accommodation

Easiest solution to your accommodation during the conference through our recommended companies where transfers to the conference are arranged and included in the price You can choose between accommodation in hotels of varying standard (visit Foretagsresor to read more) or at wilderness camper (visit Arctic Retreat or Aurora Safaris).

Many lecturers and key-note speakers contribute...

The 3rd International Conference on Bowen's Theory is Open to Everyone. Knowledge of the theory is not required. The offering will give beginners as well as already knowledgeable interesting lectures. The conference has attracted lecturers from all over the world and from many different disciplines. It is a great pleasure to be able to offer such an extensive program. Until the June 2020 conference, we will continuously present the various lecturers.
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Tuesday 16, 11.15-11.35
Margret Otto, LSCSW
Chronic anxiety viewed through basic and constructionist theories of emotion.

Work in a Private Practice since 1988 in Northland Human Services Center | Kansas City, MO. Providing coaching to individuals, couples and families using family system theory. Co-founder, Volunteer Director at KC Center for Family & Organizational Systems | Kansas City, MO.

"A review of the differences and similarities between classical and constructionist theory of emotion will be elucidated... While Bowen family systems theory is broader than any of the theories of emotion, the constructionist view of emotion does have specific implications for the theory and its applications. This new view of emotion may expand the usefulness of Bowen theory in the future.”


Wednesday 17,
Kathleen B. Kerr, MSN, MA, CNS
Bowen Theory – challenging the International Paradigm of Attachment Theory.

Since 1986 Private Practice of psychotherapy and Therapist at Islesboro Health Center, Islesboro, ME since 2011. Between 2004 – 2009 Director of Clinic at Georgetown Family Center/The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family. Founding Board member, treasurer, and webcasting coordinator of The Bowen Theory Academy.


"When applying Bowen theory in organizations, families and communities, practitioners of the theory will encounter a major paradigm clash with Attachment Theory, arguably the agreed upon international paradigm for understanding symptoms and relationships.

Attachment Theory is so omni-present and unchallenged that it can be difficult for practitioners of Bowen theory to be clear about the differences and to practice Bowen theory consistently. Many assume they are very similar, when actually in many important ways they are almost diametrically different understandings. The most important similarities and differences and their implications for application will be discussed here."


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Facts: The Bowen Theory is developed by Dr. Murray Bowen, an American psychiatrist and a professor in psychiatry at Georgetown University. The Systems Theory is developed through practical work with clients during several decades. Dr. Bowen analyzed families, organizations and societies as emotional units. Instead of the individual perspective, focus was set on how relations are built and changed depending on context and various levels of anxiety. Dr. Bowen begun his research during the 1940’s at the Menninger Clinic, Later he continued at the Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA, where he also founded the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family.


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Many lecturers and key-note speakers contribute...

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