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1 oktober 2021

Save the date!

June 13 - 15, 2022 is the new date for the 3rd International Bowen Conference in Sweden.

The conference will be moved forward due to the pandemic and for the sake of the safety of the participants. 

Even though the vaccination scheme is in progress globally and we are all beginning to see the light in the tunnel, we will have to exercise more patience. The year 2021 will most likely be needed for a slow recovery and return to the open society we all look forward to.

As you know, we have optimistically planned for the Conference to take place this June. 

However we now realize that it is not possible. Little could we imagine last year the impact of the pandemic which can see today, with millions infected and dead.

Let us hope that this coming year will be more predictable and that we can meet in June 2022 to enjoy all the interesting presentations which is offered in our program. The theme of the conference ”Managing Relations in a changing world!” seems more appropriate than ever.

The program is preliminary since we have to move the conference. All presenters will be contacted for an update about the new date. Conference fees already paid will be transferred to the 2022 conference. If you wish you may transfer your conference fee to a third party we will do our best to oblige. Please see our site for more and updated information. 

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