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11 june 2019

Bowen Theory in the Midnight Sun

Accommodation and travel to the International Bowen Conference 2020 in Sörbyn

When nature is in full bloom, the Midnight sun giving it’s amazing light and the birds have found their partner and brood the eggs, that is when the 3rd International Bowen Conference will take place in Sörbyn, Sweden on June 15 – 17, 2020.

We call it Midsummer. For us in northern Scandinavia it is a time of joy and a perfect moment to introduce and pay attention to Bowen’s Theory.

But as we enjoy the summer light and nature’s beauty we also need to relate to how the climate is changing conditions of life. Other changes are also affecting us. In the European Union the population has recently had an election. We chose our representatives for the coming five years. In Sweden, the USA, and many other places the political map is being redrawn.

The theme of the conference is ”Managing Relations in a Changing World”- This will give us participants great opportunities to take part in the most relevant presentations. The theme is creating great expectations on our presenters. We know that they are able to convey both theoretical knowledge and practical examples with the foundation of Bowen theory as to how emotional processes influence the behavior and conditions in societies, organizations and families when influenced by a heightened anxiety.

In Sörbyn preparations are already in full action for the upcoming  ”Managing Relations in a Changing World”. Here you will find up to date information on accommodations during the conference as well as information about travel, trains, airlines, rental cars and routes to Sörbyn.

In September we will begin informing about our presenters and their topics apart from our keynote speakers.

Don’t Miss out! On November 1st 2019 the booking of the conference will start for the early birds.  

Save the date!

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