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28 january 2022

We still expect to be able to hold the conference as planed on 13 - 15 June, 2022!

The international conference with the theme "Managing Relations in A Changing World" has been moved forward twice, in June 2020 and June 2021, due to Covid 19.  We are now ready to implement it in June - still in Swedish Lapland, in the picturesque town of Sörbyn.

Remember! Last date to register for Early Bird is 31 March.

In the program you will find introductions to the lecturers and short summaries of their presentations. There may be additions or minor changes as the program is finalized before the conference. Until the conference in June, we will continue

to present lecturers in these newsletters.

Teresa Edmondson
M.Ed, licensierad professionell counselor (LPC)
"It´s not about the money"

One family’s effort to address the challenges of distancing and unresolved emotional processes in the face of a terminal illness. This presentation focuses on how a terminal diagnosis motivated an anxious family to “discuss the undiscussable”, and to move towards greater tolerance, clarity of expectations, and closeness between family members.

Ann V. Nicholson
"The Human Response to Threat: Climate Change and Bowen Theory"

This presentation will address the relevance and importance of Bowen theory in broadening our view of mankind’s impact on the Earth and our changing climate. The ability to see one’s environment accurately and the perception of threat is influenced by two important variables: level of differentiation and level of sustained anxiety. Bowen theory can guide us to a more mature level of functioning where man can live more cooperatively with all of Earth’s residents as well as the Earth itself. 

Link to Early Bird: https://bowen2022.com/register

Kerstin Sofia Andersson, Coordinator

+46 70 662 72 73


About restrictions

The unfoldment of the pandemic continues to cause great concern among many around the world. This is something we fully understand and we will obey all decisions made by the Swedish government about safely holding conferences in person.

As before, we want to make it clear that in the case of third parties such as hotels, airlines and other transport providers, decisions and disruptions are beyond our control and could affect the conference indirectly. Each person should contact their respective insurance companies to protect themselves from cancellation losses.


Bowen Theory

Bowen's theory is a theory of human behavior that sees the family, organization and society as emotional / emotional units and that uses systems thinking to describe how relationships and interactions are affected by how stress levels look in the contexts people live and work. Murray Bowen formulated the theory by studying families for decades with systems thinking as a basis. Instead of focusing on the individuals, he studied the abilities to build relationships and the individuals' conditions in a system to be able to handle situations based on facts, even when stress increased.

Bowen Center i Washington: thebowencenter.org


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