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18 february 2022

Encouraging development: entry restrictions are lifting- please join us this summer in Sörbyn!

Encouraging development: entry restrictions are lifting- please join us this summer in Sörbyn! 

In Sweden and in Europe we are now looking forward to the Covid 19 pandemic becoming classified as a more “common” flu-virus.  It is looking promising with high vaccination rates and fewer hospitalizations.  All restrictions have now been removed in the Nordic countries allowing EU and EES citizens to enter freely. Sweden is further planning to remove entry restrictions for the rest of the world by the end of March. When we meet and enjoy being together this summer during the conference, we expect few if any limitations on our interactions.  This is very good news! 

Remember! Last date to register for Early Bird is 31 March.

The next set of speakers introduced below again highlights the breadth and diversity of areas in which the Bowen systems theory is applicable.  To find more information about each of the presenters in the program see https://bowen2022.com/program. 

Wednesday 13.15 – 13.45
Kent E. Webb, LCSW, PCC
Professional coaching, consulting and leadership development activities that are inclusive and specialized in services for LGBTQ customers. Specialist and administrator who has created and successfully launched a unique leadership training program, The LeadershipEdge.

The Building Blocks of a Gay Man’s Identity: Biology, Family, and Society.
Gay men face unique challenges and obstacles to becoming a well-defined, solid individual. Their passage to selfhood is impacted by three primary systems: biology, family, and society and it is also influenced by anxiety, stress and fear related to their sexual identity and orientation. The author presents a study of a gay man's odyssey, to becoming a self, seen through Bowen's theory, biology, genetics, epigenetics, evolution and social process (culture, religion and history.)

Wednesday 14.45 – 15.15
Kathleen B. Kerr, MSN, MA, CNS.
Has many years of experience working at the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family, Washington DC. Teaching and supervision of clinical work by trainees in mental health care and in postgraduate education in family theory and psychotherapy. Research Assistant, Jane Goodall Center for Primate Studies, University of Minnesota, where she studied the impact of family relationships on the function of chimpanzees.

"Bowen theory -Challenging the International Paradigm of Attachment Theory."
When applying Bowen theory in organizations, families and communities, practitioners of the theory will encounter a major paradigm clash with Attachment Theory.
Attachment Theory is so omni-present and unchallenged that it can be difficult for practitioners of Bowen theory to be clear about the differences and to practice Bowen theory consistently. Many assume they are very similar, when actually in many important ways they are almost diametrically different understandings. The most important similarities and differences and their implications for application will be discussed here. This presentation summarizes over ten years of research and presenting by the author on the similarities and differences between both theories.

Monday 14.45 – 15.15
Randall T. Frost, MDiv. 
Highly trained and experienced family therapist and pastoral counsellor Over 40 years of teaching and supervising in academic and clinical settings. Strong interest in systems research and writing. Experience directing an organization that uses Bowen theory as its primary approach in its clinical work, training and education programs, and research endeavors.

Bowen Theory as a different paradigm for family research.
In the study of human behavior, the dominant paradigm is the study of the individual.
This presentation will suggest a different paradigm, based on Murray Bowen’s theory of the family as an emotional system. Bowen Theory itself, and especially its central concept of differentiation of self, will be explicated for its efficacy in guiding research on human behavior. 

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