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7 june 2022

Early Bird extended to April 30th

We have decided to extend the early bird offer to April 30th due to the uncertain situation caused by the World events. Europe is finding itself in a completely new situation in which we are thankful to stand united with the global community against aggression. We are of course closely following the situation. The Swedish government has made the assessment that there is no foreseeable risk. We look forward seeing all of you at the conference as planned.

Until the conference in June, we will continue to present our interesting lecturers.

Monday 13.15 – 13.45
Michael E. Kerr, M.D

Dr. Kerr is a Family Psychiatrist and President of the Bowen Theory Academy in Islesboro, Maine, USA, founded 2011. Dr. Kerr worked closely with Murray Bowen until his death in 1990. He co· authored with Dr. Bowen a widely used text entitled, “Family Evaluation”. An Approach Based on Bowen Theory. The book was excerpted in The Atlantic Monthly in 1988. Dr. Kerrs newest book was published in February 2019 titled "Bowen Theory' Secrets: Revealing the Hidden Life of Families,” W. W. Norton

The Emotional: How Feelings Shape Our Thinking

The basis of this presentation is a book released in early 2022 entitled “Emotional: How Feelings Shape Our Thinking”, authored by Leonard Mlodinow. It contains much information that is highly relevant to Bowen Family Systems Theory. The information will very likely aid Bowen theory’s acceptance by the natural sciences in the years to come.

Wednesday 14.45-15.15
Amie Post, MA, LCMFT

Ms Post works at the Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County, Inc. Marriage and Family Therapist, MD LCMF 519 Towson, MD Ongoing, Private practice.

Violence in families

Bowen theory provides another way of thinking about the challenges of violence in a family. Interventions designed through this lens can maintain the important function of safety and security while expanding to assist development of family functioning and capacity. Seeing families and the problem of domestic violence on a continuum provides a way of predicting which families are more likely to respond to particular services. This presentation will provide an introduction to one organization’s attempt to shift from symptom focus to family capacity and family functioning on a continuum.

Wednesday 13.55 – 14.25
Rev. John Bell, MDiv

Rev. John Bill is a Faculty Member at Center for Family Consultation, Evanston, IL, Presenter: Faith Leadership Seminar, Bowen Center, Washington D.C. and a Senior Pastor, Wesley United Methodist Church, Aurora

The Emotional Interplay Between Families and Communities

This 20-minute presentation will address the role of community leaders (faith or otherwise) managing relationships in a changing world. Outside threats to families in a community can raise the level of anxiety within each family unit. Therefore, at the heart of any societal challenge is the challenge of managing relationships. The ability of a community to meet a problem is influenced by the functional level of its leaders who reflect the functional level of their family of origin. As a result, there is wide variation in how a community perceives and responds to a threat that is rooted in the functional level of the families within a community. The family is the building block of the community. The interplay between families with neighborhoods, associations, institutions and governments influences a community’s capacity to meet a challenge. Bowen theory provides a way of understanding this interplay.

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7 june 2022

Now we are in the fifth season, spring winter, in northern Sweden!

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7 june 2022

We will soon meet in Sörbyn

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22 april 2022

Two important dates to know if you expect to attend the International Conference 13 – 15 June, Sörbyn!

1. On April 30, the Early Bird prize ends. From 1 May, the conference fee is SEK 5,900, SEK 1,000 higher. Register here: https://bowen2022.com/register 2. Book the accommodation during the...

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