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22 april 2022

Two important dates to know if you expect to attend the International Conference 13 – 15 June, Sörbyn!

1. On April 30, the Early Bird prize ends. From 1 May, the conference fee is SEK 5,900, SEK 1,000 higher. Register here: https://bowen2022.com/register

2. Book the accommodation during the conference days before 1 May to secure accommodation in Boden, where we have reserved accommodation with transfer. The booking is made via info@foretagsresor.nu. After May 1, we release the reservations to the hotels as they have an extremely high demand for accommodation in Boden in June.


Tuesday 13.15 – 13.45

Laura R. Brooks, MSW, LCSWC-C

Private practice of Psychotherapy, more than 30 years, Ellicott City. MD Services include consultations with individuals, couples, and families. Faculty member at Bowen Center for the Study of the Family, Washington, DC.

Family Emotional Process, Epigenetics, and the Emotional System in the Adoptive family

This presentation will explore the relationship between family emotional process and epigenetics in the adoptive family. Family emotional process defines the flow of emotional process or patterns of emotional functioning in the nuclear as well as multi-generational family. Bowen Theory posits that this process is governed by the same laws that govern all living things throughout evolutionary history. In non-human species, results have pointed to how a shift in the environment impacts genetic expression in the emotional unit. In the human adoptive family, a natural cross-fostering study of its own, the family emotional process intersects with the birth family emotional process of the adopted child. While the gene expression is affected, the adoptive family emotional process significantly impacts the development and differentiation of the adopted child.

Monday 16.00 - 16.45

Patricia A. Comella, J.D.

Fully Retired from compensated employment in 2016 to engage in pro bono activities related to life on the Eastern Shore of Maryland , The Murray Bowen Archives Project & Dorchester Citizens for Planned Growth.

Managing Complexity in Large Natural Systems and Societies in Regression

The presentation will address “Managing Complexity in Large Natural Systems and Societies in Regression.” It will elaborate on discussion of the same in my book chapter (“Extension of The Bowen Theory to Include Natural Systems of Human Societies and Their Sustaining Environments”), with additional details drawn from extensive experience in applying Bowen theory to resolution of complex public policy issues at both domestic and international levels. The presentation will begin with an overview of the book chapter, with special emphasis on Bowen’s theory-building method and its place in management of complexity.

Tuesday 15.25 – 15.55

Alejandro Astorga, professor

Psychologist, School of Psychology, University of Chile, Faculty of Social Sciences, Santiago. Technical director and supervisor of Opcion, an important organization offering services to the children, youth and families in Chile. Professor at the undergraduate and graduate levels of family systems theory and family psychotherapy at Universidad Mayor in Santiago, Chile.


In this presentation, the sexual aggression that some young teenagers develop towards other children will be approached from Murray Bowen's family systems theory as a conceptual basis. From this vision, this behaviour is understood as a symptom of a broader emotional process, a relational manifestation that involves the whole family system, an extreme form of fusion and undifferentiation of the family system.

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