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10 december 2019

Many lecturers and key-note speakers contribute...

The 3rd International Conference on Bowen's Theory has gathered eminent lecturers, within many different disciplines, from all over the world. It is a great pleasure to be able to offer such an extensive program. Until the Bowen 2020 conference in June, we will continuously present our comprehensive team of key-note speakers and lecturers. Click here to see Bowen 2020 program.

Tuesday 16th, 11.45-12.15
Renee Chiu, PhD, Hongkong
"Parental emotional attachment and fear of intimacy of emerging adults in Hong Kong: the effects of differentiation of self"

Renee Chiu, PhD in social work with a focus on family counseling and family education.

Her current research areas include marriage counseling, family counseling, social work and the social worker's internship. Here Bowen's theory is one of the cornerstones of theory and methodology.

"This presentation examines the forms of parental emotional attachment and its predictive effects on fear of intimacy during emerging adulthood in Hong Kong, and the importance to foster the development of a differentiated self that may inform effective relationship counseling."

At bowen2020.com you will find information about the conference and about accommodation, activities etc. Book at bowen2020.com/register/ - don't miss our Early Bird rates until mars 31th.

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