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20 january 2020

A New Decade – with ”New” yet Old Challenges

The choices we make today will impact our future – no matter where we live on our globe. But what is it that really determines which choice we make? International research clearly proves that our belonging to a group will impact what we do and how we think. Facts can be considered to be without interest and may even be seen as provocative if they are perceived as a threat against my belonging to the group. This will of course limit the available choices we can see when it comes to finding solutions to important problems in society. 

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Many lecturers and key-note speakers contribute...

The 3rd International Conference on Bowen's Theory has gathered eminent lecturers, within many different disciplines, from all over the world. It is a great pleasure to be able to offer such an extensive program. Until the Bowen 2020 conference in June, we will continuously present our comprehensive team of key-note speakers and lecturers. Click here to see Bowen 2020 program.

15th June, 15.10 – 15.30
Andrea Schara, LCSWA
What are the costs and benefits of becoming a leader?

Began studying family systems theory in the postgraduate training program Georgetown University Family Center with Dr. Murray Bowen in 1976. Was hired in 1980 and worked there as a clinician, appointed to the faculty1993- 2011. Currently on the faculty of Navigating Systems Programs in Washington, DC, and is a founding board member of the Murray Bowen Archives Project. She coaches families using Bowen theory and neurofeedback.

Blog - http://yourmindfulcompass.com
Book - Your Mindful Compass: Breakthrough Strategies For Navigating Life/Work Relationships in Any Social Jungle.

"If the thrust of evolution is increasing awareness, then expanding the ability to observe the push and pull of relationships and to decide when to intervene or when to step aside may be crucial to our survival. Without knowledge of relationships systems, we are less able to manage self and alter our response to threats. When a family or organizational leader can observe this process, he or she can take steps to interrupt the focus. Interruptions disrupt automatic behaviors. Others will automatically turn toward the leader to focus their anxiety on the leader to tell them to back off or change. Systems theory gives many guidelines to manage anxiety and to refocus on who is responsible for what."


At bowen2020.com you will find information about the conference and about accommodation, activities etc. Book at bowen2020.com/register/ - don't miss our Early Bird rates until mars 31th.

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Many lecturers and key-note speakers contribute...

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