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Sörbyn Lodge is the proud host of the Third International Conference on Bowen Theory

It is situated in the peaceful village of Sörbyn in Swedish Lapland. Apart from the conference facilities, the lodge also offers lodging for 50 guests in the hotel and surrounding cabins.

Additional lodging will be offered in the vicinity of 5 – 15 kilometers around the lodge for another 30 guests who want to experience a more exotic and close to nature setting. Traditional lodging at hotels is available for approx 200 guests in the nearby city of Boden, 30 minutes away from the Conference. Transfer to the Conference is arranged and included in the stay at all alternative lodging outside the Lodge. For those who want to explore the surroundings by themselves there is free parking for rental cars at the Lodge.

The week before the Swedish Midsummer festivities is usually unpredictable in weather, but be prepared for temperatures between  +10 – +20 C (50-75 F), and the sun is out about 24 hours a day . Snow is rare but can happen at higher elevations. We recommend fairly warm clothing with wind- and rain protection and comfortable shoes. (gravel roads are the norm in the area, and therefore we advise against high heels unless you are in the city).

Various kinds of activities starting at the Lodge will be offered not only during the Conference but also during the entire week.

The restaurant of Sörbyn Lodge is well recommended and also the only one within 30 kilometer of the Lodge. After the daily program the participants can choose to explore by themselves in the close area or be part of a guided activity followed by dinner. Another alternative is to partake in other activities. Transfer to the lodging will be arranged at 5 pm and 10 pm.

This is a small introduction to the lodging and the different facilities. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. 

Welcome to Swedish Lapland and Sörbyn!



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