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As a participant of the 3rd International Conference you are offered your choice of accommodation. You have the opportunity to make your choice between various environments and various sorts of accommodations. There is a wide range from countryside B&B to small city standard of Boden to the high class hotels of Luleå.

You can choose to have a morning walk to the conference if you stay in Sörbyn, or longer transfer time of ½ hour to 1 hour if you wish to combine city life with the Conference at the Lodge.

Reservations and questions about the accommodation are to be communicated directly with the hotel or lodge.


Sorbyn Lodge

Sorbyn Lodge, where the Conference Center is situated a Close to nature experience. The Lodge offers hotel rooms and cabins. The cabins can accommodate 3 – 4 persons. At the Lodge you will live in the midst of a beautiful environment. Reception and restaurant are situated in the main lodge. There is also a good opportunity to relax in the cozy lounge area with bar and fireplace. On the porch you can enjoy the fresh air and a beautiful view over the lake. Sorbyn lodge also offers many activities such as fishing, boating and hiking.

Sorbyn Lodge can also offer B&B in the small village 5-10 minutes walk from the Conference Center. 

 Website: www.sorbyn.se

 e-mail: info@sorbyn.se 
 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sorbyn/

 Phone (+46) 924-220 36


Hotels in Boden

In the nearby city of Boden, 30 minutes away from the Conference you find hotels with different standards. The easiest for you is to book your choise of hotel in Boden at www.foretagsresor.nu/bowen/
If you do, transfer to the Conference is arranged and included in the stay. At that webbside also you find travel form for tickets and rent a car.

Website: Foretagsresor.nu/bowen/
Phone (+46) 921-177 40


Melderstein Manor

Why not become lord and lady of a Swedish manor as guests of its founder’s descendants, 280 years after it was built. The manor has 6 generous rooms, which can be used exclusively, or there is plenty of space for guests to join others to experience the history of our family, the building and the region. Around 15 min with transfer from Sörbyn and the Conference Center.

Website: www.melderstein.se
Contact: info@melderstein.se
Phone: (+46) 924-510 37

Artic Retreat

With only 10 minutes transfer from Sorbyn and the Conference Center you will find Arctic Retreat with its exclusive cabins. Sheltered by large trees, the traditional and luxurious log cabins sleeps up to 10 persons in total. Regardless of the adventure, a warm bath in your private hot tub or a Swedish sauna is recommended. In the summer, the island converts, and as the snow melts the Råne River wraps around the cove, converting the frozen pond used for ice-skating into a kayaking and fishing playground. Great for cooling off in the warm summers or floating silently during the midnight sun.
If you stay at Artic Retreat, transfer to the Conference is arranged and included in the stay.

Website:  www.arcticretreat.se
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArcticRetreat/
Phone  (+46) 70-544 71 47


Aurora Safari Camp & The Outpost

The Aurora Safari Camp is situated 10 minutes from Sörbyn Lodge and has 4 tented comfortable rooms. They are in glamping style (glamour camping) with nice beds and good service.

Around 35 min with transfer, from Sörbyn and the Conference Center, and one and a half hour from Luleå Airport (LLA) and the arctic town of Luleå you find this small becoming lodge that is the former Post Office in the small arctic village of Mårdsel not far from the Arctic circle at latitude N66.  The house is being renovated to be able to greet you during the conference. There are 5 double/twin rooms and 2 family bathrooms in the house and Sauna in the house and by the river. If you stay at Aurora Safari Camp or The Outpost, transfer to the Conference is arranged and included in the stay.

Website: Aurorasafaris.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aurorasafaricamp / https://www.facebook.com/theoutpostsweden
Phone (+46) 72-925 87 26 or (+46)72-925 87 26


Hotels in Luleå

If you want to stay at hotel in Luleå you have to rent a car for the transportation to the conference. Offers about hotel you find at different websites, eg Hotels.com and Booking.com.



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