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  • The river
    The Råne river
  • Sörbyn Lodge
    Sörbyn Lodge
  • Midsommar in Sörbyn
    Midsommar in Sörbyn
  • Trekking in the Swedish Lapland
    Trekking in the Swedish Lapland
  • The fauna in Swedish Lapland
    The fauna in Swedish Lapland
  • White Water Rafting
    White Water Rafting
  • The woods, Sörbyn Lodge
    The woods around Sörbyn Lodge
  • Swedish sauna in Sörbyn Lodge
    Swedish sauna in Sörbyn Lodge
  • Sami visit in Midsummer Eve
    Sami visit in Midsummer Eve
  • Fish in Råneriver
    Fish in Råneriver

Activities in the area, Bowen 2022

When you attend the 3rd International Conference in Sörbyn, we hope you as a guest in Swedish Lapland take this opportunity and stay a few extra days and discover and experience our special nature and culture. The midnight sun which provides daylight all day and our Swedish midsummer celebration which happens during the brightest time of the year in many places nearby; Boden, Gammelstad, Luleå but also in Sörbyn. Then you go out of the house and participate in decorating the midsummer bar and then it is danced around it.

In other words, there are many activities to devote to the days before, during and after the conference.


Sörbyn Lodge
Sörbyn Lodge

Take the opportunity to unwind and relax before or after the conference in our calm and beautiful nature. Share creative ideas during a walk around the village and let the surroundings inspire you. Let friends and family members enjoy themselves while you attend presentations. It is easy to go outside and find things to do when nature is right on our doorstep here in Sörbyn!

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Cre Active Adventure

Cre Active Adventure

Cre Active Adventure, offer special outdoors adventure to the visitors at the 3rd International Conference: creactiveadventure.se

An adventure company that since year 2000 is specialized in experiences and adventures in Lapland, North of Sweden. Efficiently and professionally, plan and deliver wilderness arrangements for groups from 2 – 300 persons in the north of Sweden.

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Sörbyn Lodge
Women adventure travel

Mountain bike or fat bike tours, nature trekking, Sea kayaking and paddling in Arctic Waters, Spin fishing along Råne River Valley... Women Adventure Travel gives you unique experiences in one of the most exotic destination of the Arctic; Swedish Lapland, an adventure of a lifetime.

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Tips! what to do in Swedish Lapland

Find a list below of places we recommend visit in northern Sweden. The hotel can help you arrange transfers to and from different locations or to connect to a regular bus or train.


Boden, the nearest town. A small town built by the important and large defense facilities during the early 1900s.
Today there are guided tours to the largest fort, which was in use until 1998, and around the entire Boden fortress.

Luleå, the capital of the region can be an interesting visit.

The old town of Luleå.

Ajtte; Mountain and Sami Museum in Jokkmokk:
Exhibitions on Sami culture and lifestyle in a challenging climate. The museum has activities and things to discover for the whole family. Outside you can also find Jokkmokk's mountain flora garden. Open weekdays only.

Storforsen river i Älvsbyn. One of the largest rivers in Europe, with waterfalls and a rushing stream of water splashing up against the hiking trails. This is an impressive nature display with paths to walk along the river. The trail can sometimes be challenging, so hiking experience is recommended for this trip.

Ice Hotel, Kiruna. Both a hotel and an ice sculpture exhibition. Artists from all over the county, with different backgrounds, gather and create these amazing works of art. Ice Hotel Guides has daily tours of the facilities and rooms. They also have an ice cream bar where they serve different drinks in cups of ice.


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