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Activities booked through Sörbyn Tourism

In the village

Take the opportunity to unwind and relax before or after the conference in our calm and beautiful nature. Share creative ideas during a walk around the village and let the surroundings inspire you. Let friends and family members enjoy themselves while you attend presentations. It is easy to go outside and find things to do when nature is right on our doorstep here in Sörbyn!

Bathe in our wood fired sauna, located just a few steps from our beach, and take a refreshing dip in Vitträsket. Price included in hotel lodging.

Sun-bathe and take a dip in the beach located at the hotel site. Why not challenge friends and family to jump from the jumping tower?

Play games such as badminton, soccer, or one of our board games within the hotel lounge.

Rent one of our rowing boats for fishing in Vitträsket, with the chance to catch perch or arctic char.

Get a map from the hotel that can show you trails in the village, including Degerberget and Lassby river, as well as wind shelters where it is possible to picnic.

Visit the local museum, showcasing the history of Sörbyn, as well as straw sculptures made by a local artist.

Pewter jewelry.

Stroll through the Forest Room, a trail within easy walking distance from the hotel, right beside Sörbyn Park. Family members of all ages can try out the different tasks that follows a footpath. Who knows, maybe one of you will spot the old pike who lives in the water down there.


Evening or a half day Activities with Guide

Deglberget in Sörbyn
Hike in the midnight sun, up to a viewing point

Late night activity until 01.00, for the full experience of our unique natural phenomenon. Our guides can tell you about the environment with its trees, plants, and animals. Walking is done at a leisurely pace so that you can look at the surroundings, or challenge each other in the group to see who can spot the most animal tracks.

Price: 1,350 SEK. No previous hiking experience required.
Food/Beverages: Soft drinks, snacks.

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Havre magasinet, Boden
Art exhibition in Havremagasinet, Boden

Their Art Management Group compiles the exhibition from the whole Region of Norrbotten, as well as the municipality of Boden, and their focus is placed on humanitarian topics, such as human rights and democracy.

Price: 690 SEK/Person, calculated on a minimum of 2 persons/booking.
Duration: 3 1/2H.

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Treehotel, harads
Visit Arctic Bath and Treehotel

These are new entrepreneurial accomplishments in Northern Sweden. The owners of Treehotel have made a business out of cabins built up in the trees, in remarkable feats of architecture and design. Arctic Bath is under construction and planning to open winter 2020. It is going to be a spa hotel free-floating on Luleå River, inspired by the timber floating era in Sweden when wood was transported across the river.

Price: 890 SEK/Person, calculated on a minimum of 2 persons/booking.

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Sami visit
Sami visit

Midsummer Eve is the day Lars Eriksson always carves his mark on his reindeer calves. On that day you can visit Flakaberg and get a glimpse of the life of a forest same.

Price: 690 SEK/Person, calculated on a minimum of 2 persons / booking.
3 1/2 H.

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Siberian husky
Siberian Husky kennel visit

Join our chef Richard at his Siberian Husky kennel, located in the middle of Sörbyn village. Perfect family activity after dinner, which can be combined with an evening walk through Sörbyn.

Price: 500 SEK/Person, max 6 Persons.

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Whole Day Activities with Guide

Gammelstads Church in Luleå
Visit Gammelstads Church in Luleå

Built in the 1400s, and wander through Hägnan, Open Air museum. The guide will drive you in Sörbyn Lodge’s mini bus on a road with a beautiful surrounding nature, past picturesque villages, to the cultural heritage site. Lunch can be bought on site. After eating, we will continue our road trip through Luleå to Cape Wild to visit their Moose park.

Price: 1,045 SEK/person, calculated on a minimum of 2 persons/booking.
Date: 14/6, 18/6.
Duration: 6H.

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Fish in Rane river
Fish in Råneriver

With boat and local fishing guide. The guide will show you the best fishing spots in Sörbyn and show you all the fishing techniques you need. We are spoiled with many different fishing waters around the camp and with local knowledge the guide will help you be at the right spot at the right time! No previous fishing experience required.

Price: 4,850 SEK/person, calculated on a minimum of 2 persons/booking.
Date: 14/6, 18/6.
Duration: 6H.
Food/Beverages: Incl. Lunch, soft drinks, and coffee/tea.
Equipment: Incl. Fishing rods, fishing licenses.

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